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Week Three Prayer Guide for 21 Days Fasting & Prayer

BH Week Three Prayer Guide for 21 Days Fasting & Prayer
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1.Read Psalm 9:1-2; Psalm 8:4

Thank the Lord for seeing you through this spiritual exercise.

Thank Him for all the ways He visited you this season - through His word, visions, dreams, personal and corporate revival etc.

2. Read 2 Chronicles 20:3-4, Ezra 5:2, 2 Kings 5:2-3; 13-14, 1 Samuel 18:1—4, 1 Samuel 19:1-2

Pray that this year God will send supernatural help in form of people, material resources, ideas, concepts, strategic relationships etc. Pray that you will be sensitive to all of these, no matter the form or shape they show up.

Ask God for covenant relationships for this season of life; those who will propel you into God’s agenda for your life.

3. Read Psalm 90:14, Genesis 39:21, 2 Samuel 7:14—15

Ask that the mercy of the Lord will speak for you every day of this year. Pray that His mercy will triumph over every judgment.

Pray that God’s mercy will translate into God’s favour in all areas of your life. Men will go out of their way to favour you this year. Pray that God will not withhold His mercy from you.

4. Read Psalm 90:17, Psalm 145:16,19; Psalm 106:15.

Pray that God will establish the works of your hands this year.

Pray that God will grant the desires of your heart according to His will for you.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you pray God’s heart for you and that nothing you receive from God this year will cause you to lose your fellowship with God.

5. Read Acts 2:47, 12:22, 1 Chronicles 12:22

Pray for Believers House and Believers Heritage Ministries as a whole, that God will add to the church this year those that should be saved.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken the hearts of men to the message of the gospel, helping BH “to lead people to Jesus, make them more like Him, and see them lead others to Him.”

Pray that God will send partners to the ministry from every part of the world this year, that we will begin to see the manifestation of the mandate of BHM “to help believers grow and mature in faith and the finished works of Jesus, the Christ.”

6. Read Proverbs 4:20-22, Psalm 19:7-9, Psalm 119:9-16, Psalm 37:7

Ask for the grace to remain consistent with God’s word this year. Pray that the word will do you good; it will do all God has planned it to do in your life.

Pray for the grace to wait for the Lord so that you will not be in a hurry to get things done in your own strength.

7. Read Romans 8:26, Luke 11:11-14.

Spend some time praying in the Holy Ghost.

If you are not baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, this is the time to ask for this gift - as you ask, open your heart and speak as the Holy Spirit gives you utterance.

Additional Scripture Reading/Meditation: Ezekiel 37


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