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believers house 2021 Confessions

Believers House 2021 Confessions
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In the name of Jesus Christ, I stand here at the end of 2021, to declare that as God said to Moses, in Exodus 33:19, in this year 2021, God caused His goodness to pass before me and I experienced His glory all around me. The Lord hid me in the rock which is Christ, so that neither the weight of His goodness, nor the envy of men, hurt me this year.

I declare that I stood firmly on the rock which is Christ, and none of the negative events on the earth was able to shake my faith or derail me. The Lord was gracious to me, He had compassion on me, and this was reflected in every area of my life and especially in my walk with the Lord this year. I made the Lord my priority this year, seeking His face, His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all my needs were met supernaturally according to Matthew 6:33.

It was said of me this year, according to Psalm 65:11, that I am indeed beautiful to behold. This year, I experienced the goodness of the Lord in practical terms and my paths dripped with abundance because I walked on the paths the Lord laid out for me at the start of this year.

According to Psalm 65:12, because the little hills rejoice on every side, I rejoiced on every side in 2021. In every aspect of my life, I did not experience any sorrow or lack. My plowed fields enjoyed abundance of rain and every resource I needed to back up my effort, came to me at the right time throughout this year.

My soils were indeed softened with showers, causing my plants to grow and flourish. My pastures were full of flock and my hillsides were full of joy throughout this year. Everywhere my footsteps touched the earth in 2021, I gathered a rich harvest. According to Psalm 65:10-12, I started the new year with a good harvest and I stand here at the end of the year with many crops all around me.

This year, everyone who met me, met me with the blessings of goodness. I possessed the land the Lord set before me and He gave the inhabitants into my hands. By His strong arm and the favour of His countenance, I took strong cities and a rich land. I possessed houses full of all goods, fruit trees in abundance, and delighted myself in His great goodness. Yet, I did not forget the Lord my God nor rebelled against Him. I gave of my time and resources generously to the advancement of His Kingdom on the earth throughout this year.

In the year 2021, I was noticeable and distinguished among my peers. I was clearly set apart, conspicuous, distinguished and was never ignored. The mercy of God also followed His goodness into my life. Every day of 2021, mercy spoke over judgement for me.

This has been, undoubtedly, the best year of my life so far and I look forward with joy and expectation to what the Lord is set to do in and through me in the year 2022.


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